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[ is a wonderful page with many sources. If you want, use it in a debate if you’re pro-life or if you want to know more or are on the fence abut the issue, look into it as you wish ]

Embryologists agree that life begins at conception :  ~  look at me, posting from tumblr like a feminist xD but this is just a compilation of quotes, not an opinion from a pro-life teen or something – Thus, I’m afraid your opinion on how life begins with a heartbeat or a brain wave is false according to people who study it for a living. Don’t compare this to “a skin cell is alive” or anything because 1) it is an actual human being biologically and significant from a clump of cells. In fact, scientists distinguish between random human cells and human embryos by their functions. 2) these are people who studied this for a living and seem to almost unanimously agree that life begins at conception. Feel free to say that they’re wrong but do so at your own risk of embarrassment.

Let’s talk about the every famous Cooper argument. “If I plant a seed and dig it up, I’m not chopping down a tree.” This is misleading, because pro-life people don’t deny that a fetus (the referenced seed) and an adult (the above mentioned tree) are different but we know that they are both human & of equal value. Furthermore, a human being and a seed (let’s say an acorn) are not anatomically or biologically alike. Not only that, an acorn actually has a small tree “embryo” inside it, thus crushing that embryo is in fact killing a tree (albeit a very tiny undeveloped tree). So please don’t use this argument; not only is it not relevant, it’s false.

Now back to the fact that human life begins at conception, let’s talk about murder. Murder is the premeditated unlawful killing of one human being by another (and killing is ending the life of someone or thing). These aren’t my words, mind you. I trust you can apply this on your own. Abortion is murder.

Let’s talk about rape. A victim cannot kill their rapist, the baby is not remotely responsible, thus killing the baby in the case of rape, which is essentially killing the baby simply for existing, is also murder. (I understand that rape is awful and scarring but that doesn’t take away from my point.)

I see arguments about how the baby, if unwanted or put into adoption or may be born into a painful or hard experience, that abortion is somehow okay. This has no grounds. Deciding for the person that they won’t be willing to deal with it or will wish to be dead is unfair and untrue. This holds true also when speaking of incest. {Lets also note that money is also not a reason, you can’t compare a human life to finances. has comments on this as well under the “What if the mother can’t afford a child?” section.}  People say that “Pro-life is saying ‘I know what’s best for you’ while pro-choice is saying ‘You know what’s best for you’,” but frankly I don’t find that true here. Again, if someone was in a coma and was going to wake up but would be in pain when they did, would you stab them in the chest? Shoot them in the head? Burn them? Dismember them? Would you kill them? I trust your answer is no, which also debunks the “they can’t feel pain argument” if you were thinking of that.

This leads me to my next point. What makes human life precious? Is it memories, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc like so many have try to convince me? No. You can’t earn humanity, and no emotion or memory make murder more or less murder. Human life is intrinsically valuable, and to insinuate that YOU can decide whether or not a life is valuable is insulting.

Let’s talk about the one issue: mortality.
If the mother is going to die, is abortion justified? No. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, meaning its one and only objective is to kill. Other operations that save the mother’s  life (this is an odd example, but let’s say you have cancer or some dangerous growth in your uterus while you are pregnant) such as removing parts of the uterus, are permissible. This is because the objective is to save the mother’s life, and even without a baby the same operation would be done. An abortion, however, only ever has one goal – end the pregnancy and the baby’s life. This is why abortion is unacceptable in all situations.

Now, what about women doing it illegally? Won’t they just get them anyway? Well, technically no, and here’s why : – It’s full of sources at the bottom, just to point out. It’s a pro-life site but not one that has gory images, propaganda or lies as far as I can tell. Also, let’s remember that LAWS ARE NOT MADE TO PROTECT THE POTENTIAL ASSAILANT, LAWS ARE MADE TO PROTECT THE POTENTIAL VICTIM. This is very important.

Let’s talk about bodily autonomy, which while seems to be a widely spread thing, I’ve rarely had someone talk of it at length during a discussion. Nevertheless, here are some points:
If bodily autonomy truly applies, you can do drugs and alcohol while pregnant and it is perfectly fine.
If bodily autonomy truly applies, it can apply at any stage of life. An FAQ concerning this : “why wouldn’t she get one earlier?” Well, my question is “who cares?” If bodily autonomy applies to pregnancy and is grounds for abortion, it shouldn’t matter.
If bodily autonomy applies, where are your morals? Let me clarify… if you caused someone to need medical nourishment for 9 months and they needed you in order to survive, what is the responsible thing to do? This last point, I admit, has nothing to do with legality, but I mean it as food for thought and referring to who you are as a person. Just something to think about to decide where you stand personally.

I applaud you though – the bodily autonomy argument is by far the most relevant and clever one I’ve managed to find.

Thank you for looking through my archive of points concerning abortion I’ve made over some time. Please also look to this video link for my reasoning as well :

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