Shame on You, Shame on Me

“I’m so invisible”

“I’m so ugly”

“I’m so useless”

These are poisonous words.

One day, a bit less than a year ago, a friend of mine said she is “so bad” at singing. This girl, on the contrary, is extremely talented. One boy in my class called her out, saying “If you’re bad, I suck.” This sentence is a key point to this post.

Another day a couple months back, another girl I know was eating some food – small portions but I’m guessing it was her third serving – and she said “I’m so fat.” This girl, on the other hand, is very short, and very fit (she is passionately athletic) and small. The same boy from before called her out. “I hate it when girls say that,” he said. He continued in a mocking, squeaky voice, saying “I’m so fat, compliment me!” Maybe it was thoughtless of me to do, but I thanked him. Nevertheless she was wrong, and if she was embarrassed or felt hurt, hopefully she learned from it, because if she’s fat, I’m obese.

This is where we reach the main point of this post.

When that girl said “I’m bad at singing”, she indirectly insulted people who can’t sing as well as she can.

When that girl said “I’m fat”, she indirectly insulted people who don’t have measurements as small as her.

No matter your size, talent, weight, or past or anything at all, you were made to love, made to be loved, not to hate your beautiful body.

You are alive. You have a body that works. You can read this. You have clothes. You have something absolutely lovely by nature; a soul.

Now, to all you guys and girls calling yourself crap because you are insecure; STOP. Please. You aren’t helping you or anyone. In fact, you are doing the opposite.

To the rest of you who avoid shaming yourselves, GOOD JOB. Thank you. Now next time someone you know says something insulting about themselves, tell them it isn’t healthy. No one bullies your friends and gets away with it, even if the your friends do it to themselves.

To everyone who wants a bit of confidence (if you aren’t Christian you might not care about this): Confidence isn’t something you create. It comes from God. Don’t complain about how your body is “gross”. Are you trying to insult God? Because that’s a body made in His image, you know.

Count your blessings.

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